Looking for a lower calorie cocktail that actually tastes good? Try this summer spritzer. It was the perfect end to the work week! I made this as a layered drink, so that it will look pretty. You can certainly skip a couple steps if your motto is “give me the booze and nobody gets hurt!”.  The main ingredient in the drink is sparkling water. If you are new to Paleo/Whole30 living- this may not taste as good to you, as it does to me. Once you kick your dependency on sugar- you will find that sparkling water is actually good! You can use any flavor of sparking water (zero calories and no sweetener), I chose orange to compliment the peach vodka. You can also skip the orange juice if you are really trying to be good on your dietary journey! I just needed a little sweetness this week! 🙂


  • Orange Juice
  • Peach Vodka
  • Orange/Tangerine flavor Sparkling Water
  • Mandarin Orange Slice


  1. Fill your glass 1/3 the way full with orange juice.
  2. Add enough ice to rise above the orange juice. This is important if you want the layered look.
  3. Using the ice as a buffer, very slowly pour in a shot of Peach Vodka. If you pour slow, your vodka will sit above the juice.
  4. Last slowly, pour in your sparkling water.
  5. Admire the beauty, serve and swirl!
Summer Spritzer

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