I though it would be interesting to look at a donor list for the Clinton Foundation and as I suspected… wait for it… it was interesting! Those that know me, know I am by no means a fan of the Clinton Regime.  As I started to weed my way through the list, one of the larger donors to the foundation is Tracfone Inc. So large, they are listed on the same page as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (that is a different post for a different day). According the Clinton Foundation, Tracfone, Inc. has donated between 10-25 million dollars. Immediately, I think to myself why would Tracfone, Inc donate so much to the Clinton Foundation…aren’t they the makers of the wireless pay as you go plan? My first thought- wow how can they afford to donate so much and what is their alternative motive in donating that money. It is no surprise that by donating to the Clinton Foundation you receive a “get into DC pass” for free. So I decided to do a little research….


So we have all heard of the “Obamaphone” right…. you know that phone that is given to people that supposedly could not afford to have a phone? Side note: I used to own a business in a very economically depressed part of a city. I saw FIRST HAND many of my patrons have two cell phones. One was a pay-as-you-go phone and the other a nicer, new than mine, iPhone.  I asked a group of customers, why everyone has two cell phones. Laughter ensued, along with the explanation that one was their free phone that the government gave them and the other was their own phone. So bleeding hearts- don’t tell me people don’t abuse the “system”. I call bogus. I digress…

So, basically the down and dirty on Tracphone is that they became the primary beneficiary of the federal “Obamaphone” program. TracFone even successfully lobbied the Federal Communications Commision to expand the Obamaphone program into computers and high-end phones with luxury data plans. TracFone marketed these programs to encourage people to take advantage of this program. Here is the real kick in the face- the government actually paid TracFone $9 per month per phone, for a plan similar to one that TracFone offers to the public for $7. I know this isn’t earth shattering news, that the government overpaid for something, but I find this sort of collaboration to be nauseating.  By crunching some hypothetical numbers, I will now make your head spin quicker than a tilt-a-whirl! Let’s say that TracFone has half the share of the program, which would be roughly 6 million Obamaphone users at $9 a pop- that is is $54 million dollars a month!  CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. TracFone what a smart investment you made in your “charitable” contribution to the Clinton Foundation. You more than made up for your contribution. There is not coincidence that by giving a HUGE chunk of change to the Clinton Foundation- you become the largest benefactor a government program that services 13 million American’s a year. 

Does this annoy you? Make you angry? Then please share.. More to come…


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