I have been rather remiss lately- and a little behind the times the last few weeks. Busy, busy. I wanted to share the latest Project Veritas videos. For those that are not familiar with Project Veritas- they came out with a great piece on the corruption of the DNC. I would highly encourage you to watch these. This new series exposes CNN and their admission that the Russia thing is a great big “nothing burger”- just ask Van Jones. Hilarious, corrupt, disgusting, mouthpiece of the media- a few thoughts that come to mind. The best part is his pathetic, back tracking response on CNN. Own it Van- you said it. While I am at it, let’s call out google too. When you google “Van Jones Nothing Burger”, the top stories are all just calling it a hoax. It’s not a hoax when someone says it- does it matter that he didn’t know that he was being filmed? I think not.We know that Google is in bed with MSM, so I digress…. What do you think? Please share.

Here are the links to the videos.




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